Training Modules

Expand your healthcare knowledge with training from HMA MMS.

As part of Indiana’s ACA training program, SVC, now HMA Medicaid Market Solutions (HMA MMS), provides training products and services to help clients better understand and effectively prepare for approaching policy and programmatic changes. Our aligned communication tools support education of the public and program participants. HMA MMS prepared training materials about the Affordable Care Act (ACA), developed Indiana’s Navigator training program that included information about the ACA and Medicaid, and created training and educational materials about the Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP) 2.0.

A sample of our training modules is below.  If you are interested in a topic that is not included here, or if you have questions about our training offerings, please contact us.

ACA Training Modules

An Overview of the Health Insurance Marketplace and Changes with the Affordable Care Act, Module 1: Training for Indiana Navigators

Training for Indiana Navigators, Module 2: Consumer Assistance under the Affordable Care Act

Training for Indiana Navigators, Module 3: Insurance and the Federal Marketplace

Training for Indiana Navigators, Module 4: Medicaid

Training Manuals

As part of Indiana’s ACA training program, HMA MMS developed training content that provided a comprehensive explanation of the Affordable Care Act policies, the implications for the federal Marketplace in Indiana, the consumer assistance program, and other tools that could be used by stakeholders and state employees.

Indiana Navigators Training Content Manual