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Whatever your publicly funded healthcare needs are, we can deliver.

HMA Medicaid Market Solutions (HMA MMS), formerly SVC, has extensive experience in publicly funded healthcare policy, programs and financing. More important to our clients, we are experts in navigating change, problem solving, crafting custom solutions, and achieving results. Our forward-thinking colleagues are innovators in Medicaid strategy, policy, and operations, healthcare reform options and implementation challenges, Health Insurance Marketplace design, and insurance regulation. From research and policy analysis to program development, implementation and evaluation, we’re ready to support client projects both large and small.

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Overall, our services include:

  • Development of Requests for Services and Proposals (RFS/RFP), including Medicaid Managed Care
  • Essential Health Benefit (EHB) Analysis and Alternative Benefit Plan (ABP) Analysis
  • Policy and Legislative Analysis
  • Strategy Development
  • Survey Development and Analysis
  • Data Identification and Analysis
  • Program Development
  • Grant and Proposal Development and Writing
  • Project and Grants Management
  • Management of Community and Stakeholder Relationships

Our specific areas of expertise are:

Medicaid Waiver Development

HMA MMS provides complete support for states considering or implementing a new Medicaid approach, or adopting new program features under an 1115 Demonstration Waiver, including expanding eligibility, providing additional services, and/or using alternative delivery systems that improve efficiencies and care, while reducing costs. The HMA MMS team leads states through the entire program development process, from initial research and analysis to post-implementation evaluations.

Alternative Benefit Plan State Plan Amendments

HMA MMS has demonstrated expertise in the analysis and development of Alternative Benefit Plan State Plan Amendments. For Indiana’s Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP), HMA MMS conducted an analysis of all potential benchmark plan options, then supported the state’s decision-making in selecting a benchmark plan, and completed the required templates for the two Alternative Benefit Plans serving the new adult population enrolled in HIP. HMA MMS also supported Iowa with their Alternative Benefit Plan strategy, and provided the state with options for the Iowa Wellness Plan and the Iowa Marketplace Choice Plan.

Aging and Disability Policy and Programs

HMA MMS provided advisory services and support to the state of Indiana as they sought to improve programs and services for the state’s disabled population, including the development of three new programs, changes in legislation, the drafting of CMS State Plan Amendments, and two new 1915(i) waivers. HMA MMS provided policy expertise, project management support, and training for the implementation.

Health Insurance Marketplaces

HMA MMS developed a deep understanding of the regulatory and operational requirements in all Marketplace models for states and insurers, and developed Marketplace requirements for the state of Indiana. HMA MMS also supported additional states on Marketplace research and design, including analysis of all policy decisions and options, development of high level and technical requirements, analysis of funding and enrollment projections, surveys and outreach to stakeholders, and development of Marketplace and ACA training curriculums.

Healthcare Reform

HMA MMS leads the healthcare reform efforts for clients, including analysis of policy changes, stakeholder outreach, survey design and analysis, and the production of reports, presentations, and papers.

Medicaid Cost Savings

HMA MMS stays at the forefront of Medicaid developments by continuously analyzing proposed regulations, and making recommendations for cost containment strategies and reform initiatives to meet state budget requirements and achieve cost savings.

Medicaid Managed Care

HMA MMS has worked with many states on transitioning general and special populations to managed care. The HMA MMS team has also assisted with the External Quality Review of Medicaid managed care organizations.

Public Health Programs

HMA MMS has worked with state public health departments to review and evaluate programs, including the development of a post-ACA public health strategy, and recommendations for restructuring public health programs.

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