Helping you stay a step ahead of the evolving landscape.

A leader on the forefront of Affordable Care Act (ACA) implementation, HMA Medicaid Market Solutions (HMA MMS), formerly SVC, provides our clients informed perspectives and cutting edge solutions, as healthcare reform policy and programs continue to evolve. Our team led the state of Indiana’s response to the new law, including review and design of a potential state-based exchange, design and implementation of a Medicaid expansion, and insurance regulatory reforms.  HMA MMS has consulted on ACA policy and potential alternatives to traditional Medicaid in Kentucky, Ohio, Nebraska, and South Carolina. To thoroughly understand the legislation and its impacts, our colleagues reviewed all ACA-related regulations and guidance, and prepared in-depth analyses for clients based on each individual set of circumstances.  This research has also allowed us to develop a number of publications, presentations, and white papers on the implications of the ACA.

Below, please find a sample of these materials:

Indiana Healthcare Reform Releases

Analysis of the Federal MAGI requirements and flowcharts illustrating effects of this change

Indiana Exchange Questionnaire to gather stakeholder input

Regulatory Summaries

Process Flows

As this legislation continues to be changed by Congress, through Executive Order, or rule-making, HMA MMS will stay abreast of each modification, and the implications for our clients.